Join the Listserv

Sycamore Knolls has an email list (Listserv), SKNA-L, which gives neighborhood residents a convenient way to communicate.

(1) To join with a particular email address, use the address that you want subscribed, and send an email to

(no subject or email content needed)

(2) To remove your email address, send an email to

(no subject or email content needed)

For further information please contact Spencer Hall, listserv administrator, at

Please note that emails may only be sent to SKNA-L with a subscribed email address. The server will reject any messages sent from a different email address, which is meant to protect SKNA-L from spam from the outside.

If you would like to read past messages from a list archive, please consult the documentation.

If you have questions about suggested listserv conduct, please consult the listserv manager’s note.

If difficulties arise or if your request is more complex, please contact us using the form provided below.