Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program is designed to assist community members of Bloomington in enhancing neighborhood security. This program helps to heighten power of observation and encourages mutual assistance among neighbors and the police.

The days of the older neighborhood when everyone knew everyone on the block or in the addition have changed. Today, especially within the Bloomington community, neighborhoods tend to be highly transient and growing. People seek more privacy during their home time and this causes a feeling of unfamiliarity with neighbors. This unfamiliarity often enhances the opportunity for any criminal element and increases community vulnerability to criminal activity.

  • They increase neighborhood awareness of crimes in the neighborhood through a continuing information program.
  • They train residents in the area of better property security.
  • They develop a neighborhood action program where neighbors help watch each other’s property and well being.
  • They help neighbors learn what constitutes suspicious activity and how to report any such activity to the police department.
  • They encourage ALL people in the neighborhood to participate and cooperate with the police department to reduce community crime.

Read more and download brochures on the City of Bloomington website.