SKNA Constitution

Constitution — Sycamore Knolls Neighborhood Association

Sycamore Knolls Neighborhood Association Constitution

1.  Name:

The name of the organization shall be the Sycamore Knolls Neighborhood Association.

2.  Purpose:

To preserve and improve the Sycamore Knolls area as a desirable location for residential life by supporting the enforcement of current zoning ordinances and housing codes, appraising all projected changes in ordinance and code with a view to their impact on the neighborhood, ensuring a safe family environment, and exploring those further initiatives that might be undertaken to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood and the city of Bloomington.

3.  Membership:

Any property in the Sycamore Knolls sub-division.

4.  Officers:

The elected officers of the Sycamore Knolls Neighborhood Association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Each office shall be elected by and from the membership for two (2) years, term beginning when elected at the annual meeting.  Any officer may be elected to succeed self.  Vacancies between annual meetings may be filled by the Steering Committee, until duly elected successors are installed.

Officers chosen by the Steering Committee to fill vacancies shall be subject to the approval of the membership at the next general meeting, although no meeting of the general membership need be called only to vote such approval.

President:  Shall preside at meetings of the membership and the Steering Committee.  Shall appoint special committees and their Chairperson.  Shall appoint up to seven (7) members in good standing to serve on the Steering Committee.

Vice-President:  Shall work closely with the President and perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence or incapacity.

Secretary:  Shall keep minutes of all meetings of the membership and of the Steering Committee and shall make them available for the inspection of any member.  Shall maintain the records of the Association with the exception of the financial records.  Shall conduct correspondence on behalf of the Association as directed by the President, Steering Committee, or membership.  Shall give notice of meetings.

Treasurer:  Shall receive all funds of the Association and shall maintain them in a bank account in the name of the Association.  Withdrawals and disbursements must be made on the written authorization of the Steering Committee.  Checks must be signed by the President, or Vice-President, and Treasurer.  Shall keep complete financial records and report to the membership at the Annual Meeting and at such other times as may be directed by the President, Steering Committee, or membership.

5.  Steering Committee:

Shall serve as the executive committee of the Association and may act on behalf of the Association, subject to the right of the members to overrule any action by a simple majority vote.  Shall be composed of the four (4) elected officers and up to seven (7) members appointed by the President.  Five (5) committee members shall constitute a quorum.  Shall authorize, in writing to the Treasurer, all withdrawals and disbursements from funds held by the Association.  Shall open all its meetings to the membership of the Association, however the membership shall not have the right to vote.

6.  Meetings:

An annual meeting of the membership of the Association shall be held in the Fall at a time and place designated by the Steering Committee, at which time officers shall be elected in the order listed in Section 4.  Members may nominate from the floor.  A majority of the votes cast shall be required for election.  If no candidate receives a majority, a runoff shall be held between the two candidates receiving the largest vote.  Other meetings may be called by the President, Vice-President, or any ten (10) members in good standing.  Notice of meetings may be given in any reasonable manner, but fourteen (14) days notice must be given prior to the annual meeting.  A quorum shall consist of twenty-one (21) members, except that at the meeting at which the Constitution is to be amended the quorum shall be thirty-one (31).

7.  Amendments or By-Laws:

Any member in good standing may propose an amendment or by-law by submitting it in writing to the Steering Committee at least one (1) month prior to the Annual Meeting or any other general meeting.  Any amendment or by-law to be voted on at the annual meeting or any other general meeting must be submitted to the membership in writing at least five (5) days prior to that meeting.  The Constitution may be amended by a simple majority.